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32 inch flat screen tv

32 Inch Flat Screen TV  

How much do you spend when you go to the cinema? When you factor in parking, popcorn, and Pepsi, you’re looking at a heavy price tag; a steep price for any leisure activity, much less one during tough economic times. 



Theater numbers reflect this: more people are staying in to snuggle up on their couch rather than traveling to watch a film, but to get a similar experience, one needs quality equipment, beginning with your 32” flat screen TV. If you go to the movies twice per month for a year, you might spend $1200 on entertainment, which is, coincidentally, more than the price of most 32 inch flat screen TV models. 

Should you purchase a 32” TV?

32" Flat Screen TV Buying Considerations


Not all brands are created equal, and a 32 inch flat panel TV manufactured by Toshiba or Sony is going to outclass and outperform a 32 inch televisions you might find in a bargain bin.

You also want a television you can count on for reliability; purchasing a 32 inch flat screen TV is as much an investment in the long term as an addition to your portfolio. Which means, when you consider brands, you want to stick to the companies that have performed solidly for many years; there’s a reason SONY has the brand recognition it’s earned, as have manufacturers like Toshiba, Vizio and Samsung.


Definition is a big consideration in purchasing a new 32” TV, especially nowadays after the government-mandated switchover to digital. Should you invest in hi-def? Yes, absolutely: while it may be a few more years before Blu-Ray achieves major presence in the market, hi-def televisions supply approximately twice the detail as their lower definition counterparts (at least 720p versus 420p, respectively, with ‘p’ referring to pixels). 

32 inch flat screen tv        32 flat screen        32 flat screen tv        32 flat screen tv

32 lcd tvSome people wonder about whether the difference is noticeable, which is a viable consideration on a smaller set, but believe me; you’re going to notice a difference watching a 32 inch flatscreen TV.

Besides hi-definition, you’ll also want high-contrast ratio, which considers how well the screen displays colors and blackness.


The video above presents a Sony Bravia 32 inch TV.


The video above is an unboxing of an LG 32" TV.



32" Flat Screen TV

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Bravia KLR-Series, LCD HDTV





32 inch flat screen

32 inch flat screen

32 inch flat screen

32 inch flat screen


21.4 x 31.4 x 4

22.7 x 31.4 x 9.9

22 x 31.4 x 4

22.9 x 31.7 x 9.2


27 pounds

28 pounds

25 pounds

32.4 pounds







KDL premium quality

6 ms response time

15,000:1 contrast ratio

EnergyStar rated


If you’re going to buy a hi-def, 32” flat screen TV, you also need to consider the audio and video inputs and outputs it uses. The single best option here is the new hi-definition multimedia interface, or HDMI, which uses a single wire to transfer as much digital information as it can handle; nowadays, there’s no good reason to choose any other option. 

Something further to keep in mind; this is a brief rundown of a handful of things to consider, and simply can’t substitute for your own research. You better than anyone else know your needs and what you like.



You know what you’ll be watching, where you’ll be watching it, and even how; as you do more research, you’ll realize that all those factors can come into consideration. This is merely to get you started. Good luck and happy viewing that 32” TV! 

We highlighted a few bestselling options above. Have a look!

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